Our Team

Yogi Chopra

A digital artist, photographer and filmmaker, Yogi has over 10 years of experience as a new media entrepreneur. He has done it all in the digital medium- websites, CD presentations, web ad campaigns, audio-visuals, photography etc.  He is now ready to produce his own animation films, travel with his baby and make money by-the-way.

Preeti Gopalkrishnan

A journalist, communicator and new mother, Preeti has realised that gyaan on markets and target audience is not enough while communicating on social issues. Emotional connect, not just wit, is her mantra. She has been at the forefront of the girl child campaign Laadli for over five years now, conceptualising and executing communication campaigns with the media, youth and communities to change the mindset that undermines girls and make them unwanted in our society.

Murali Raman

Murali Raman is an adman, script writer, creative and supervising director on TV shows for kids, television creative, film maker, blogger, poet and painter.

He has been a good brand manager when he was a creative person, and vice-versa later on, all through his career. Compelled by his aptitude and inclination to straddle all disciplines, he has been described as a ‘Renaissance’ advertising person. He has worked at R.K.Swamy BBDO, Pratibha, Mudra, Contract, Clea, Frank Simoes and Momentum Creative, and been an independent creative resource, under the style of anaka & anaya, creating equity for a variety of brands, in diverse sectors.

Anu Varghese

Anu Isaac (nee Varghese) is an alumnus of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, based in Chennai. A communication designer, specialising in exhibition design, she has two years experience in the field of event design as the Communication Designer – Corporate Events with Seventy, a leading event management company in Bombay. She has handled events for brands like Diageo, John Players etc before branching out on her own as a freelancer. She now works with clients in Bombay and Bangalore, exclusively handling the branding and store designs of a leading food services brand as well as large-scale events. Anu is a voracious reader, an eager traveller and a big rock & alternative music fan.